About Us

So you have a product or service that is outstanding!  The next step is to advertise and market.  You could go with the usual "cookie cutter" idea and use the same voice everyone else is using, or have your commercial produced at the radio or TV station for free, but then you run the risk of your commercial being read through quickly by someone who most likely has several others to work on at the same time... but if you are taking the time to consider more options, like having your spot placed in a decent time slot, then why not MAXIMIZE your bang for the buck?  

You have come to the right place for the voice of your business, radio & TV commercials, internet, and custom on-hold messages.   We can voice and produce your commercial professionally and make it come to life!  CreativeVO is an addition to your team and will go the extra step to make sure that what you hear in your head is what you hear on all your custom voice-over projects.  The job is not done until you, the client are satisfied!

Deliveries include laid back to attitude with edge.  Ideal for night clubs, concerts and retailers of all kinds.  Hip with the MTV - VH1 lifestyle.  For your Active lifestyle clients, trust a professional that is creative, polished and ready to serve your voice over needs.  At CreativeVO, we take pride in our work, without the "rip-and-read" attitude.  Over the years we have served our clients with higher than expected results.  Providing a maximum of 24 hour turn-around, and dry vocals within hours.

Our company is here to serve all of your voice-over needs. Over the years we have served our clients with higher than expected results.

We believe everyone deserves the best audio possible for their project.  We are here to serve your needs, and make your campaign cut through the clutter.